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Badel Zagreb - Brandy

Badel Slivovitz

Badel Stara Šljivovica (Badel Old Plum Brandy) is admired by even the most demanding consumers. Its unique taste is the result of Badel 1862 centuries old experience, the world-famous plum variety known as common plum Bistrica and the incessant investments in manufacturing innovations. The very label "Croatian Creation" confirms the lasting excellence and top quality of the cachet's proud owner. Badel Stara Šljivovica is exported to numerous markets but it is especially popular on the West. 40% vol.

Badel Domaci Rum

Badel Domaći Rum is produced on the basis of a special recipe and flavoured with an extract of rum. Due to its agreeable aroma, housewives often use rum as flavouring in dessert dishes and it can also be found in various products enhanced by its aroma. 40% vol.



Badel Zagreb - Wine

Croatian Benkovac Rose

Rosé is a wine of protected geographic origin grown in vineyards around Benkovac and Stankovci and made by blending several grape varieties imported from the south of France. It has a light red colour with brownish hues, mild and subtle flavour, varietal aroma and discreet bouquet. This wonderfully balanced wine, chilled to 12 °C, is a first-rate match with light Dalmatian dishes as well as homemade prosciutto ham.

12/750 ml
Dingac Red Wine

Dingač is made from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape variety grown in the limited locality known as Dingač on the steep southern hillsides of the Pelješac Penisula. It has a deep ruby red colour, remarkably distinctive and rich bouquet and subtly pronounced varietal aroma. Wonderfully balanced and full-bodied flavour that lingers on the palate is what makes this wine so unique. Chilled to 18 °C, Dingač pairs incredibly well with delicious dark meat dishes and quality food fish.

12/750 ml
Postup Red Wine

Postup, as well as Dingač, must be written with a capital initial letter, because these are the greatest Dalmatian wines. It is made from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape variety grown in the limited locality known as Postup. Dark ruby in colour, full-bodied and delightfully balanced in flavour, with a faint note of tartness, Postup Potomje makes a fine match with dark meat dishes, game and grilled oily fish or squids. It should be served at a temperature of 16-18 °C.

12/750 ml
Peljesac Red Wine

Pelješac is produced from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape variety grown in the limited locality of the Pelješac Peninsula. It has a deep ruby red colour, pronounced varietal aroma and mellow and agreeable sweetish tart flavour. Chilled to 17-18 °C, Pelješac is a fine match with grilled quality food fish, rabbit dishes or Pelješac mouflon.

12/750 ml
Ivan Dolac Red Wine

Ivan Dolac is a top quality red wine made from the indigenous Dalmatian Plavac Mali grape variety. The grapes are handpicked solely in the limited locality known as Ivan Dolac on the sunny but unwelcoming slopes of the Island of Hvar. This strong masculine wine has a dark ruby red colour and characteristic varietal aroma and flavour. Chilled to a temperature of 18 °C, Ivan Dolac pays a unique compliment to seafood specialities, grilled quality food fish and crabs, as well as dark roasts and game.

12/750 ml
Plavac Red Wine

Plavac, a quality dry red wine from the rich palette of the Pelješac Peninsula wines, is made from the Plavac Mali grape variety. It has a dark ruby red colour, rich varietal aroma and harmonious flavour with a faint note of tartness. Chilled to about 18 °C, this full-bodied wine pairs very well with seafood dishes and roasted red meats.

12/750 ml
Chardonnay Daruvar White Wine

This full-bodied and delightfully balanced wine matches ideally with its pale golden colour, light fruit aroma and agreeable bouquet. Chilled to 8-10 °C, this wine pairs well with hors-d’oeuvres, pasta dishes, frog legs, snails and eels.

12/750 ml
Grasevina Daruvar White Wine

Graševina Daruvar has a distinguished aroma, greenish golden colour and fresh and harmonious flavour. Due to its unique bouquet and agreeable freshness, this full-bodied, smooth and light wine makes an exceptional match with both white meat dishes and freshwater and sea fish. Its character will be best appreciated if served chilled to 8-10 °C

12/750 ml




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